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Specialised techniques

Reflexology in Richmond and SW London. Metta Therapy Room


Reflexology is widely used for people suffering from terminal illness to enhance their quality of life.
It is provided in many hospices, by charities and the NHS provides it in some care units.
When nearing the end of life, there is a multidisciplinary team to take care of different needs as they arise.
Reflexology is amazingly supportive therapy, and can often help clients feel calmer, more in control and in a better 'place' for when it comes to making decisions about their care in the final stages of life. It’s a form of self-care and it aids relaxation, reduces pain and decreases anxiety.


Despite the increasing personal wish to die at home, this is not always possible. So a reflexologist is also able to visit hospices and respite homes to deliver gentle treatment on the feet, hands or both. Patients should be encouraged to discuss with a doctor or nurse if reflexology is suitable and if it could be added to their care plan.


How is NEPIP treatment different?
Both feet are worked simultaneously. The NEPIP technique promotes communication between the nervous, endocrine and immune system and the mind. It is especially effective for anxiety and stress disorders. During your consultation, we can discuss whether you wish to combine reflexology with visualization or emotional freeing techniques.

Neurology – for the nervous system
Endocrinology – for the endocrine system
Psychology – for the mind and behaviour
Immunology – for the immune system
Pody is the Greek word for feet




Reflexology has been found  to support patients who are undergoing cancer treatment. It can benefit many conditions, for example:

  •  reduce anxiety, depression

  •  boost and support the immune system

  •  change hormonal imbalances

  •  vomiting

  •  nausea

  •  fatigue

  •  lift mood

  •  bowel function support

  •  pain relief

  •  enhance the circulation

Scientific research about reflexology in breast cancer

Cancer Research UK, about reflexology in cancer care

Mobile reflexologist in Richmond and SW London. Metta Therapy Room. Cancer care reflexology. Palliative care reflexology.

I have been trained by award winning complementary practitioner, educator, researcher, author and international speaker Abbigail Langstone-Wring.
She has created and teaches her evidence-based method of professional clinical reflexology to support cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Langston - Wring Method Logo .jpg


Reflexology has demonstrated an important role in the treatment of many conditions arising during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. A treatment plan will be personalised for you based on a full consultation.

Benefits can be experienced in maternity reflexology for the following conditions:

  • lower back pain

  • sciatica

  • nausea and morning sickness

  • heartburn

  • fatigue

  • constipation

  • swelling (oedema)

  • insomnia

  • lactation

  • emotional disturbances (anxiety, depression, moodiness)

Reflexology in South-West London. Fertility and maternity reflexology. Metta Therapy Room


Getting pregnant, body needs to be in balance. Reflexology promotes balance in all body systems.

Fertility reflexology treatment plan will be individually designed for anyone when you want to optimise your chances in natural conceiving or supporting when you are going through fertility treatments or you suffer of miscarriages. It can be a long and distressful road to face occurring challenges while trying to conceive and get body systems back into balance. Reflexology is a lovely, gentle, 100% natural, soothing and restorative technique alongside medical treatments -world widely used.

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