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Client testimonials

"I had a real problem with my shoulder that kept me awake during the nights for several weeks. I couldn't sleep in any position without a terrible ache. I tried to manage with painkillers prescribed by a doctor and had a fear of surgery and a long recovery time.  Now I’m so grateful for Mel and reflexology. "

shop assistant, London

“Wonderful. I finally have ‘me time’ when having reflexology.”

health care professional, London

“I would definetly recommend Mel and her services to others. Thank you again Mel!”


nurse, London


client relationship manager, Surbinton

“I’m grateful I found Mel after searching for relief for my severe PMS symptoms that only seemed to be getting worse each year. Mel took a very dedicated and thorough approach to help me and designed a 7-week reflexology program aimed to improve my symptoms.”

“I originally went to see Mel due to back pain post surgery, and sleeping issues. She was amazing and very professional, created a calm and supportive environment. Overall I would highly recommend Mel, she is very knowledgable and a lovely person.”


project manager, London

"All I can say is that since my first treatment and especially since my third session of reflexology with Mel, I have realised how much this 'working on my feet' is a valid therapy!"

graphic designer, London
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