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Reiki in Richmond and South-West London

Reiki is a complementary therapy technique, originally from Japan and used to encourage energy flow in different body systems and mind. It’s based on the knowledge of practicing on energy.


There are no silly questions

How does it feel? Do I need to undress? Does it work? are all valid questions that you may want answers to before making a Reiki appointment. You will find answers to many of these questions below, if not, please contact me directly.

I am a member of UK Reiki Federation and practice level II Reiki.








"The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Usui in Japan early in the 20th century.
The Japanese word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through all living things and is vita to well-being; known as ‘ki’ in Japan, ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Acupuncture, Tai chi and Yoga are also based on the free-flow of this energy.

When giving Reiki, practitioners have been shown to emit electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy from their hands. The frequencies of the energy emitted vary from one moment to the next; but many appear to correspond to those that medical researchers have identified as being the optimum frequencies for stimulating the healing process in tissues, bones and other body parts so far investigated." - UK Reiki Federation

Please visit to find more information about Reiki.

How does energy treatment work?
We all have an energy body around our physical body that is communicating with everything inside and outside of us. Every single thing in life is energy, behind its worldly matter, and it vibrates at different frequencies. Life behind material factors, objects, the body or physical movements, thoughts and even the subconscious mind is pure energy. Luckily, we are able to work on our energy – we spend it, conserve it, learn from it, teach it, and rewire old energy-based patterns. We prompt it to flow, we can restore it, strengthen it, we encourage stagnant energy to move, balance restless energy and lift heavy energy.

Some people experience energy healing treatment more powerfully than others. You might feel some commonly recognised experiences such as sensations, release of emotions, tickles, energy vibrations or simply relaxation during or after treatment.


How Reiki supports recovery and healing?
Life energy flows naturally freely in our body unless it is blocked. A blockage may be a thought, emotion or some physical injury. Reiki aims to eliminate this stagnant energy and restore balance to support health. Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that you see a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological concern you may have.

Reiki can help with:

  • harmonising life energy by reducing stress and enabling the body to start to use it’s own healing mechanisms

  • balancing body, mind and spirit and maintaining that balance  

  • imbalances in the mental, emotional or physical body – sustained stress in the body causes numerous health issues

  • sleep disorders, pain reduction, anxiety, immune-system boost

  • healing of the body, mind and spirit before or after any medical procedure

How is it delivered?

Reiki can be received while a person is seated, but it is more usual to lie down, fully clothed, in a comfortable position.

The reiki practitioner delivers treatment by laying their hands above, or gently on, areas of the client’s body, such as their head, shoulders, hips and knees, and they hold their hands on each area for some minutes. It is possible to feel sensations like tickling, warmth or any kind of energy flow in the injured or a potential emotionally blocked area. For example, worry is linked with the spleen, fear with kidneys and anger with the liver, so the area may feel congested during or after the treatment and it may feel different.

There can be relaxing music in the background, if liked. The eyes can be kept open or closed.

In first appointment you will be asked to complete and sign a medical history and consent to treatment form. For GDPR related information, please follow this link to privacy policy page.

After care:

It is advisable to drink plenty of water on the day after treatment to aid the body’s systems to function well. It’s not advisable to drink caffeine or alcohol in order to let the body have the best chance of finding and establishing balance.

Scientific research about Reiki and Energy healing:

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Reiki Richmond and South-West London.
Reiki in South-West London. Mettä Therapy Room
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